How This Will Work

OK. I’ve made it to France. Now to get this much discussed blog under way.

There are guidelines:

1. I will read one of Montaigne’s essays before each post (this one excepted) and incorporate it into my observations or anecdotes. The reason is that Montaigne is the guy who invented the essay as a form of writing. Meaning ‘an attempt’, essai derives from the French verb essayer, ‘to try’. His Essais were his attempts to understand himself and others, so my essays will incorporate his in order to shed light on my own ideas and perceptions of French culture. Who better than the French inventor of the essay to provide the basis for my own observation and critique of contemporary French culture?

2. I will write one post every other day. This is so that you will come back regularly and often, knowing confidently that I have not been neglecting my project.

3. I will strictly adhere to a 30 minute time limit in writing each post. The intention is to provide you with honest observations and anecdotes, unobscured by overwrought editing and distracting self-consciousness. Also, it will save me valuable time to go gather data…

–These guidelines having been established, I would like to make an exception to them immediately. Right now my access to the internet is in an uncertain state. It may be difficult to gain access to a computer which will permit me to post my blog, but…

… j’essaierai.


8 thoughts on “How This Will Work

  1. Dan says:

    This is my home page

  2. Allison says:

    This is a sweet theme! What is it called?

    30 minutes…that is not very long… but more power to you! Question though, are you going to add pictures? You should really have pictures. But those will probably take more time to put in, knowing WordPress.

  3. Patrick says:

    And so it begins…

  4. Beth Saboe says:

    Yay, you made it! Scroll away. We’re interested.

    Beth Saboe

  5. Grandma & Grandad says:

    Hi Jimmy! We would love to receive your emails and blogs! Having fun with your parents & enjoyed the day Sat at UVA. Fun to see Amy..she seems to be loving it! Hope u had a good day on Paris (I’m jealous)

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