Some responses to comments made on what has proved itself after all to be my “Mental Meanderings” post

“If it feels good do it?”

“So in the end you’re saying we should all live a life of sensual indulgence and self-satisfaction…”

Two comments that would seek to cast doubt upon my conclusions with the deft flourish of connotation and punctuation!

How do I respond? There are four options it seems to me: 1. Ignore. 2. Abandon. 3. Talk my way around it. 4. Accept it

I tried option 1 already with the first quoted comment. But with the resurgence of another my powers of restraint have abandoned me. I could give up my tenuous assertions and save myself the trouble of any mental gymnastics, but I, like so many other wanna-be intellectuals, think I quite enjoy mental gymnastics.

So, this is a sort of option three-four hybrid. Four would just be simple agreement with the comments. A pure unrumpled yes. But the aggression of those connotations needs some rebuke before I’ll accept them.

In the first comment, as far as “good” equates with “right,” then I agree. If it feels right do it. This simple change drops the negative connotation of sensual wantonness. There is no necessary subordination of the individual to his appreciation of pleasurable physical stimuli. Instead, a sort of harmony would exist where the intellect and the intuition want the same things.

As for the accusations of the second comment, I think “self-indulgence,” has been addressed in the previous paragraph. And as for the self-satisfaction, I actually quite like the concept of being self-satisfied (if we ignore the smugness and bigheadedness normally associated with it). That must surely be what we all look for in a contented (perhaps this is what we really mean by happy) life–the satisfaction that we have behaved well and right, acting harmoniously with our intellects and intuitions. The idea of one day attaining a sort of self-satisfaction would factor into any considerations of the right, harmonious action in the present. Will it make me satisfied with myself, or will I have cause for regret and shame?



One thought on “Some responses to comments made on what has proved itself after all to be my “Mental Meanderings” post

  1. Patrick says:

    I feel that was more of an admonishment than a rebuke… You should slap down your opponents swiftly and ruthlessly! Blood and vinegar!

    Too much coffee…

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