So as I was saying, Jordan and I had some troubles getting to our hostel in Rome. It all started back in Paris. Our flight Wednesday morning was scheduled to leave before I could possibly get to the airport from Coulommiers. So we had planned to leave from Jordan’s place in Neuilly-sur-Marne, an eastern banlieue of Paris, but then we discovered that even from Jordan’s place, considering the departure time of the first train, it would be cutting it too close to leave from there the morning of the flight. So instead the plan was to stay the night at the airport. We narrowly missed the last train to Charles de Gaulle so had to wait an hour for the night bus. Then when we finally got to CDG then wouldn’t let us through security, so I had an interesting nap on an airport bench of chairs that was worthy of a contortionist.

We were through security at 5 am and the flight boarded at 6:45, then everything went smoothly, including the bus ride from the airport to Termini station, except without 3G we had no way of accessing the address of our hostel. (Forehead meets hand!) Eventually, after wandering around the neighborhood aimlessly hoping we would stumble upon it, we were able to connect to a feeble wifi connection in the station and find our way to thr hostel.
Finally, the Italian vacation could start.
Since then we have walked, walked, walked. The Roman metro pales in comparison to the Parisian metro. Although knowing me, I’m not sure I would have opted for the metro even if were easy to access and use. We’ve seen the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Saint Peter’s Basilica, the view from the cupola of the basilica’s dome, the Vatican Museum, the Colisseum, innumerable piazze e chiese (squares and churches), the Forum, the Circus Maximus, several works/masterpieces by two Michelangeli (Buonarroti and Caravaggio) and of course lots of Italians excitedly augmenting their conversations with hand gestures.
The weather has been excellent. Coming from chilly Paris to sunny Rome was a great decision for February vacation. My sunglasses have come in handy and my jacket’s main purpose has been to carry my things. In addition to soaking in the sights, I’ve been soaking in the sun. And I’ve been soaking in the gelato and the vino rosso, two ingredients which in and of themselves contribute to the realization of an excellent vacation.

2 thoughts on “Rome-mania

  1. Jacque says:

    Glad to hear your news! In honor of your trip, we will go to eat at Carrabba’s tonight.

  2. Patrick says:

    Gelato and vino rosso would make any vacation excellent.

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