Reporting from Coulommiers

Already another week has passed. What do I have to show for it? I only went to Paris once and while I was there I was unable to do the one activity that I went there to do. Since I forgot to bring my passport I couldn’t get into the Louvre for free, and even though the normal 10-euro fee is quite reasonable, why was I going to pay to get in when I can go back at any time with my passport and get in for free. So instead I spent 30 minutes listening to a professional level pianist perform Beethoven sonatas on the street; I was entranced. Then I spent a few minutes sitting in a park I hadn’t been to before (one of the few), called the Square des Batignolles. After that I accompanied some friends to a café famous for its beer selection in Place de Bastille called Falstaff’s, where I spent 10 euros on a 33cl bottle of beer. Granted, it was good, and it’s one that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in the United States, but still…

Then on Saturday, a normal Paris day, I did a whole lotta nothing. I ran, I went grocery shopping, I took a nap, I read, I watched this Kony 2012 video that was supposedly all over Facebook but which I never saw there (thanks for the head’s up Twitter), and then I watched Supersize Me, which has everyone has always told me is quite staggering. Now that you have been forcibly dragged through my day of doing nothing, can you explain to me why it appears that today will be a repeat showing? I feel like I should go to Paris, especially considering that my time remaining here is rapidly dwindling, yet even so, here I sit…

Instead, I think I’ll organize my whirlwind visit of the Mairies. I’m going to visit all 20 of the mayors’ offices, which are scattered all across Paris, in one day. That day will be Friday. I can’t decide whether it would be reasonable to try and accomplish this on foot. I’m ruling the metro out of this on principle, so the only other option is on bike, but if I were to bring a bike it wouldn’t be my own bike and I definitely wouldn’t be able to take any breaks since I would have no way to lock the bike up. The foot option is multi-faceted though, because if I were to show up dressed to run I don’t think it would take too awful long. There it is. Thanks for helping me make my decision!

Also, today will be the day where I work on making detailed plans (and maybe even booking planes and trains?!) for my very last trip. This trip will most likely comprise a flight to Berlin, and then train rides to Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, and Budapest, and then a return flight to Paris from Budapest.

And who knows what Montaigne would have to say about all this? Maybe he’ll even get some of my attention today…

2 thoughts on “Reporting from Coulommiers

  1. Kim says:

    You have a twitter??

  2. dansaboe says:

    Damn, your plans for Berlin and beyond sound very exciting. Enjoy!

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