Central European Capitals: Prague

In Prague, beer is cheap. While I was there I barely drank any water. Beer was the sustaining liquid. From the moment I sat down to my irst Czech meal of a huge roasted pig leg and a liter of beer I was continually amazed at how affordable it as to eat at restaurants. My aforementioned meal cost me a paltry 200 crowns–10 bucks.

In addition to having cheap beer, Prague has no shortage of beautiful and historical architecture, which was mercifully spared from the ravages of war by their rapid capitulation in the face of Hitler’s threatening posturing. It is an absolute delight to walk around the historical center of Prague and the Prague castle, which was the seat of Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV, but Prague also has its fair share of Soviet bloc-style, “functional” architecture.


The hostel where I stayed was excellent. I would highly recommend Sir Toby’s to anyone travelling to Prague. Everyone there made fast friends in the cellar pub and in the other common areas. I met some more Canadians, lots of Australians, and a couple South Africans. Also, amazingly, I ran into the honeymooners whom I had met on the free walking tour of Berlin. The Canadians and I were fast friends and I learned all about their intense outdoor sporting. One guy is into that kind of snowboarding where you have to get dropped off by a helicopter; the other is into woods checkpoint races where you have to find certain locations with only a map and a compass. We drank cheap beer all over Prague, but the best spot was the biergarten across the river on a big hill with a stunning view.

I must be averaging at least four hours of waing per day. I wonder how I will readjust to a mostly sedentary lifestyle upon my return…


3 thoughts on “Central European Capitals: Prague

  1. Patrick says:

    Prague sounds like my kind of place.

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